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Throughout my time at Elon University and after, I had the opportunity to create many different writing samples, from press releases to one day deadlines and everything in between. Check out some of my favorites below by clicking on the title! 

As a Commerce Writer I write between three and five shopping articles a week that highilight products in a variety of categories. Click the title above to go to my BuzzFeed Shopping page.

Screen Shot 2023-05-13 at 10.03.58 PM.png

Part of my role at lululemon was brainstorming and creating emails to get sent out the local community to keep them up to date on events and happenings in store. Click the title above to see one of my emails.

For my strategic campaigns class, I was tasked with creating an integrative marketing brief for a company of my choosing. I decided to analyze Taco Bell's media campaign to determine why they are so successful. Click the title above to see the full report.

For my media writing class, I was assigned to write a press release to announce a new art exhibit at the Nasher Museum of Art at Duke University. Click the title above to see the full report. 

For my senior capstone class, I was on a team of five and we worked with a single client, Alamance Arts, throughout the semester. We were tasked with creating a communications plan for them, incorporating media plans and channels, mock-up designs, brand manifestos and more. Click above to see the final leave behind we turned in to Alamance Arts.

This is a story I wrote for a one day deadline in my media writing class. The paper is about a randomly assigned topic, fly-fishing. Click above to see the full story.

This is a research paper I wrote on the Indian caste system before I spent a month in India in January 2016. Click above to see the full paper.

This is a sample news story I wrote for my media writing class after attending a speech given by David Gibson, a religion journalist.  Click above to see the full paper.

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