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Drawn & Traced on Procreate

This is a mockup sticker I designed to promote local artists with Alamance Arts.


This is a mockup sticker I designed to emphasize the importance of including the arts in everyday life.


This is a magazine ad I created from scratch on Photoshop to advertise a fictional product I created. The background photo was also taken by me.

Business Card

These are my business cards I designed for a class. They include the logo I created for myself.

Movie Poster

I had to recreate a movie poster with my image in place of the real actor. I recreated Keira Knightley's poster from "The Imitation Game."

Magazine Ad

This is a mock ad for Macy's I designed from scratch using Illustrator.

Blankini Logo

I created this logo for an entrepreneurial project my family and I are working on. I also created the video and website which you can see at

Kovert Logo

I hand drew this logo for another entrepreneurial project I am working on.


This is a mockup sticker I created to increase awareness of the importance of supporting local.

Tattoo Idea

I designed this tattoo as awareness for introverts who are often misunderstood.

Photoshop Editing

The photo on the left was the original damaged photo. The photo on the right was edited by me using Photoshop.

HTML & CSS Coding

I created this website using HTML & CSS. You can see the actual website at this link: /jhall30/researcharticle/

HTML & CSS Coding

This is a snap shot of an online resume I coded from scratch. To see the full resume, click here: /jhall30/Resume/

Photoshop Work

I created this online poster from scratch using Photoshop. Everything on here is hand made. I started with a blank page.


This is a poster I created from Photoshop for a made up, environmentally friendly cup. I handmade the foot and the cup using the shape tool.

Photoshop Blending

This photo was created using Photoshop. I took a photo of the girl and overlaid a salt print and writing on her back that says "you are beautiful."

Hand Coloring

I created this image by printing it onto photo paper and developing it with a salt print to add the color.

Collage Work

This is a collage I created with felt and pictures from magazines.

Photoshop Editing

This is a Gestalt image that I took and rearranged using Photoshop

Photoshop Blending

This is a blend of some of my photos put together using Photoshop.

Photoshop Editing

This is a photo I took with overlaid photos of the sky and grass that I took and edited together in Photoshop.

Collage Work

I created this collage by transferring one of my images to paper and emphasizing the details with colored pencil.

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